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Olsson's 12% High Sulphur Lick Block - 20kg


20kg Block

A sulphur supplement for Cattle, sheep & goats to stimulate rumen microbes

Growth, productivity

High Sulphur 12% provides sulphur and minerals that are essential in developing bacteria in the rumen. Sulphur should be available to livestock at all times, as it is important to the growth and survival of fungi in the rumen which are essential in assisting the rumen bacteria in deriving essential nutrients from dry and fibrous feeds. Sulphur is also critical when offering high Urea supplementation to encourage optimum rumen flora.

A rumen digestible mineral supplement for superior feed conversion of dry feed.

Improves wool texture and productivity

Consumption Guide

The following rates will increase or decrease according to varying pasture conditions. Initially the consumption rate will be higher than average, but will drop after an initial “gorging’ period.

Note: Cardboard carton is edible

Cattle: 1 Block per 15 Head

Sheep/Goats 1 Block per 50 Head

Typical Analysis

Macro Ingredients



Sulphur (S)


Salt (NaCI)

Max 80%



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