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Olsson's Economag Feed Block - 15kg


15kg Block

A supplement for ruminants with magnesium deficiencies

Special NZ Formulation

Specially formulated for New Zealand conditions, designed to assist animals that find themselves lacking in magnesium. Supplied in a molasses based block also containing by-pass protein meal, salt, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. For best results, blocks should be available to stock before signs of deficiency are evident. Typically used when - animals are usually grazing grass dominated pastures or lush cereal crops, often without any hay supplementation; cold and wet windy weather with little or no shelter, resulting in short periods of fasting; animals are either fat and losing condition or are very thin; where there is heavy use of nitrogen and/or potash fertiliser on pasture.

Consumption Guide

The following rates will increase or decrease according to varying pasture conditions. Initially the consumption rate will be higher than average, but will drop after an initial “gorging’ period.

Note: Cardboard carton is edible

Cattle: 1 block per 5 head

Sheep: 1 Block per 15 head

Typical Analysis

Macro Ingredients

Bypass Protein Meal


Calcium (Ca)


Molasses (min)


Phosphorus (P)


Salt (NaCI)


Magnesium (Mg)








Micro Ingredients



Zinc (Zn)




Selenium (Se)


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